The wonder that is art

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The wonder that is art

Kyler Vernon, Writer ; Photographer

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What allows students to succeed in education? Their behavior, respect, and motivation are a few things that might seem to be essential to their success as students, but yet there is another force that guides students through our journey in high school.

Pathways are designed for students who are already focusing on a career path. One pathway in particular sets aside words and chooses to evoke emotion through action and image. The Arts pathway on Nipomo High School’s campus has gained notoriety for its outstanding ceramics classes, drama productions, and fine arts projects. There is now a bigger movement developed by the district to advocate for art in public education.

The Lucia Mar Foundation for Innovation, in partnership with the Lucia Mar Unified School District, developed and sponsored a community wide art walk during the month of March. This month of art advocacy and appreciation is to showcase art from kindergarten through high school in over 33 different classrooms from all over the district, all in hopes to increase public awareness and create new investment in district art programs.

For a large group of students at NHS, the ceramics class opens new doors into art and its community. Mr. Brian Claverie, who teaches the ceramics classes, provides a soothing atmosphere for students to create and explore. Many of his ceramic students participated in this community art celebration.

“We really try to put our best work forward. Students spend weeks making these pieces. They really work hard to make extraordinary pieces of art. It’s such a great opportunity for students learn and experience artwork from others. We have continuously put work in the show for years and the show is growing, scholarships prizes are getting bigger. I’m very proud of the students who put forth an amazing effort and beautiful pieces,”

said Claverie.

Each of the contestants where given the loose theme of “Under the Oaks.” The contest had three categories: painting/drawing, photography and ceramics. Nipomo High School submitted eight art pieces into the show. Nick Houchin, Katie Garland, and Mackenzee Marcum all placed either first or second. Marcum won a $350 scholarship by earning the “Best of Show” prize in two dimensional art.

Senior Rozella Appel described the art show as “a grateful opportunity to showcase my work, but also see the fantastic work from others. It nice to experience and enjoy art and it makes it even better that it’s all from high school students.” Apel submitted a ceramic mask that details the expressions of a woman’s face with horns. Her piece of art also had one eye shut.

The art will be on display in the Clark Center in Arroyo Grande until April.