Anderson wins Earl Reum ASB Award

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Anderson wins Earl Reum ASB Award

Zach Holland, Writer ; Photographer

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ASB is lead by teacher, Monica Anderson. She has done such a great job that she won the Earl Reum Award.

According to California Association of Directors of Activities (CADA), the Reum Award was created “to honor the outstanding contributions of writer and speaker, Dr. Earl Reum, whose contributions to the field of student leadership development over the years have affected thousands of advisers and students in the US and Canada.”

Principal John Denno knows exactly why Anderson won this award.

“She has been involved in ASB for a long time; and she promotes a leadership class that develop skills. She is more intentional about her students leading, not like other teachers who assume to do everything for their students,” stated Denno

Tristan Batiste is the current student body ASB president. He agrees that Anderson is exceptional.

“She helped me turn into a leader and has been very influential throughout my high school career,” said Batiste

Anderson has a set goal in mind for ASB: “[I want] students to grow as leaders, plan successful events, and to feel like they made a difference. As an ASB advisor, my role is to train students to be confident leaders and to give them necessary goals to succeed on and off campus, “ stated Anderson

“The goal for ASB is students can be here and have fun, and that is how the learning will happen. What is wish people knew about ASB is that we want to create a place where students want to be. The events are designed to connect people.”

Denno also knows the importance of ASB as a club. “ASB is critical for climate and student culture. High school is a social experience whether it be dances, gatherings, or potlucks. ASB isn’t just leadership– it involves all clubs, being the associated student body.”

Many other students and teachers also appreciate Anderson. Science teacher Michael Pepo said, “One word for Mrs. Anderson is passionate. She is passionate about ASB,” stated Pepo.

Valeria Hernandez, seems to agree. “One thing that stands out about Anderson is her leadership skills,” said Hernandez.

“It was something that I was not able to develop on my own.”

Aurora Diaz, has similar ideas. “She scares me, in a good way, of course,” said Diaz.

“Before I was in ASB, I wasn’t as punctual as I was now. Through Ms. Anderson, I was taught to be punctual, to follow through, and to do my best.”

Lesley Guerrero, also praises Anderson for her teaching. “Before I met Ms. Anderson, I was not very capable of saying no, at all.” said Guerrero. “It is very good to learn how to say no.”

Anderson’s goal for ASB is successful. More and more students are connecting to NHS by enjoying ASB events.