Safety or Football

Ethan Uva, Writer ; Photographer

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In recent years the controversy over Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE has taken over the football news. This controversy over CTE has become such a worry that California is toying with the idea of passing a law that bans kids from playing youth football. I think that kids should not be allowed to play tackle football until they’re in high school.

According to the New York Times, “California state lawmakers are being asked to bar children under 12 from playing organized football.” By making kids wait until 12 years old, the chance of brain damage or CTE is decreased by 50 percent. Doctors have also stated that head hits are more damaging to kids because their brains are not fully developed and are unable to fully repair themselves. The solution of setting an age requirement is so simple, yet has such a positive impact on children’s health.

Some people will say that football allows kids to grow as people. Writers from the website Tylt say that “Kids learn discipline, hard work and teamwork while playing football. For a lot of children, football is the carrot on the stick that gives them an incentive to do well in school or behave.”

It is true that kids may learn life skills from football, however, their futures might be at risk. Kids can learn these same skills while playing other team sports and stay safe while doing it. If kids are so unmotivated by not being allowed to play tackle football, then I believe there should be a flag football league for kids.
A flag football league would allow kids to play the game they love, stay motivated in school, and learn those all important life skills while keeping their brains safe.