Madrid Holland: Becoming a Titan

Zach Holland, Writer ; Photographer

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Several days ago, the NHS student body had the daunting challenge to vote for next year’s ASB President.

Two candidates campaigned for the 2018-2019 presidency—Taylor Robertson and Madrid Holland. Holland won the majority of the vote.

It is no easy task to become an elected executive. First, several Associated Student Body (ASB) leaders and ASB teacher, Mrs. Monica Anderson interviewed Holland for the position.

“The interview was nerve racking,” Holland recalls, “But once I got going, I started to feel more confident.”

During this interview, Holland was asked about what position she wanted to be out of five: ASB President, Treasurer, Vice President, Secretary, or Senior Class President.

“After telling them I wanted to be ASB President, they needed to slate me to be in that position. They had to agree with me that I fit that position. ” stated Holland “Some questions were hard to answer. Tristan asked how I would handle things from an adult’s perspective, and I felt that I answered that one incorrectly.”

Current ASB president Tristan Batiste also commented on Holland’s resume: “Madrid has a lot of pride in what she does, is involved in many clubs, sports, and achieves highly in academics.”

Holland’s mother, Mary Holland, recalls the amount of work that Madrid put into achieving her presidency: “Madrid took about two and a half weeks, and went to CASL (California Association of Student Leaders) to learn about student leadership with other ASB members.”

“The process is extremely time consuming. I had to look for at least 20 underclassmen to approve of me being president by signing a piece of paper, print a lot of stickers, create authentic posters, and distribute all of those across school. I had some people help me hand out the stickers.” said Madrid Holland

Batiste was also impressed by her campaign efforts. “She put in a lot of hard work and effort into her campaign and application, and the student body recognized that.”