Female athlete of the month : Diana De Leon


Diana De Leon

Tristan Batiste, Writer ; Photographer

This year the varsity softball team is young.

That is not necessarily a bad thing; actually, it is something that will most likely benefit the team in the future. Underclassmen are gaining valuable experience that will carry them a long way into the future success of the program.

However, as young players, they need someone to look up to. Besides their coach Matt Paradis, they have one other to respect and revere.

This is the lone senior in the varsity softball team: Diana De Leon. De Leon isn’t a stranger to sports, she has played soccer her whole life and also plays varsity soccer.

“Being the only senior has impacted my season because I feel like I have to set the example for my younger teammates,” said De Leon.

She has done exactly that according to Coach Paradis: “She leads the team through her voice, work ethic and body language.” De Leon has always been a student who has been recognized for her success and responsibility when playing sports, but Paradis has taken note of her excellent work ethic because he notes that she is “first to show up and the last to go home.”

Her hard work isn’t only appreciated by her coaches, but also by her teammates as well. “She is very positive and hardworking, and she has great dance moves,” said sophomore Mimi Wolf. De Leon might take on a lot of responsibility, but she knows how to still have fun, often using her dance moves to truly fire up her teammates. Fellow teammate sophomore Sydney Miller thinks that De Leon is “amazing.”

De Leon keeps her expectations high. “I want to be one of the top three teams in our league, and I want our team to improve to its highest potential and make it to the playoffs,” said De Leon passionately.