Tracking students at school, is it a bad idea or not?

Ethan Uva, writer ; Photographer

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A middle school in San Antonio, Texas, mandates that its students wear name tags that allow the school to track every student’s location. It will allow the school to know student locations in case of an emergency, and attendance will be made quicker and easier. Is it worth it?

People who think tracking students through their id cards is a good idea believe that this will increase student safety, however, it puts students at more of a risk.

One reason is that the radio frequency used to track the id cards is really easy to acquire and people outside the school could track the student if they get the student’s personal code number. This lack of advanced technology is a major concern for the safety of the children. A random stranger could track where a student goes if he has the right technology and can get the students id number. This puts the kids at more danger more of the time than it does keep them safe from an emergency that maybe happens once a year.

Tracking everywhere a student goes is an invasion of personal privacy. It would feel like there is someone always watching you, and there pretty much is. The students are putting lots of trust into the school by allowing them to watch their every move, and some students feel that same trust is not given back.

Tracking students would only benefit in a case of emergency, but puts students at risk at all times on campus.