An Album Full of Emotion

Ethan Uva, writer ; Photographer

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J Cole is a very famous rapper and just dropped a new album called KOD. In the introduction to the album he explains the reasoning of the album name and what it stands for. He gives two reasons for the name, Kids on drugs, and Kill our demons. These names sound like the album is going to be negative, but J Cole takes the positive side and explains how these popular topics are affecting the person and the world. The overall message of the album is the struggle humans have with addiction.

My favorite songs from the album are 1985, Brackets, Kevin’s Heart and Once an addict. 1985 is a response to a 16 year rapper named Lil Pump who has publicly stated that J Cole is not better than him. In this song J Cole never says his name but its clear its towards Lil Pump. This song was one of the most creative diss tracks I’ve ever heard. Brackets is another really creative song that talks about taxes, and how we pay taxes but don’t get to choose where are money goes. A very well done song with a good message and relatable to most people.
Once an addict is a story of how his mom is an addict. This is an average song but J Cole uses his unique talent to paint such a good picture that it turns the song into a masterpiece. Even if you haven’t dealt with any family members being addicts, the song makes you feel that it has happened to you. My favorite song from the whole album is Kevin’s Heart. This song uses the comedian, Kevin Hart, and his recent situation to express a bigger message. Kevin Hart cheated on his Wife, and this song explains how cheating is wrong by using the Kevin Hart example. A music video came out for this song on youtube and Kevin Hart is in the video. Not only does the song have a meaningful message, but it allowed for Kevin Hart to own up to his mistake by being in the music video.

I enjoyed this album so much because of the emotion that J cole gets out of the listener. Each song brings its own unique emotion that hits the listener in a different spot. All songs on this album have a message behind them, however, some messages are delivered better than others which makes me give this album a 8.5/10.