After 5 years, Arctic Monkeys is finally back.

Guadalupe Angeles, Writer ; Photographer ; Layout

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To be honest here , I am not a fan of the album’s name: “Tranquility Base Hotel Casino,” but what was I expecting, it’s Arctic Monkeys. “Tranquility Base Hotel Casino” was released May 11th, and the last album they released was “AM,” and that was five years ago.

This new album consists of 11 tracks, all very well produced, so those five years of wait were worth it.

When I first listened to it, it gave me “Humbug” (one of Arctic Monkeys early albums) vibes. Bass! It is all about the hot bass, and that is unique about Arctic Monkeys. Their music is like no other . If you haven’t heard about them, go check out “Do I wanna Know” or one of my favorites, “Fireside.

Alex Turner, the main singer, can make anything sound so good, and I mean anything. His voice goes so well with the bass. It makes you forget about the lyrics, which are sometimes too complex to understand. However, once you read the lyrics, they are easier to interpret, especially if you pick up on the sarcasm.

“Star Treatment,” “One Point Perspective,” “American Sports,” “Tranquility Base Hotel Casino,” “Golden Trunks,” “Four Out Of Five,” “The World’s First Ever Monster,” “Science Fiction,” “She Looks Like Fun,” “Batphone” and “The Ultracheese”: These are the 11 tracks in the Tranquility Base Hotel Casino album. To new fans, some of the songs might sound the same because of the tempo and key, but despite that, you’ll get used the hang out of it , it is just a signature of Arctic Monkeys.

We get a new taste of Alex Turner high notes, just a little bit. “American Sports” took me by surprise; I wasn’t expecting a new sound, I don’t think I’ve ever heard an Arctic Monkeys song like this, usually all their songs have similar key and such.

Personally, my favorite track is “Science Fiction,” but other fans prefer “She Looks Like Fun.” I enjoyed it it’s low bass and Turner sings.

The boys as well appeared on TV, performing their debut song , I must say that Alex always comes with something new, and UNEXPECTED last time I saw him he looked completely different.

If you get the chance to dig in into Arctic Monkeys music, I hope you enjoy it.