Leading a Team with a Rookie and no Allstars

Ethan Uva, Writer ; Photographer


The NBA has recently announced its finalists for Coach of the Year. Dwane Casey of the Toronto Raptors, Brad Stevens of the Boston Celtics and Quin Snyder from the Utah Jazz.

Each coach and team dealt with adversity through the season, and each of these coaches are elite NBA coaches; however, one stands out to me the most, and that is Quin Snyder.

Quin Snyder took a Utah Jazz team that lost its best player in Gordan Hayward, and still got the 5th seed in a stacked western conference. The Utah Jazz had zero all stars this year and was lead by a rookie named Donovan Mitchell. The Jazz won 48 games this year and a big portion of the credit needs to go to Quin Snyder and what an amazing year he had as a coach.

Brad Stevens from the Boston Celtics is a close second behind Quin Snyder. Stevens is known around the league and by fans as one of the top coaches in the NBA and he has showed why this season. If these awards counted the playoffs, then Stevens might be coach of the year. The two best players on the celtics got injured in Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, and missed most of the season and all of the playoffs. Even with these injuries the Celtics are in the Eastern Conference finals and have a 3-2 lead on Lebron.

The last coach in my opinion is Dwane Casey. The Toronto Raptors had a very good 59 win regular season but lost again in the playoffs to none other than Lebron James. This looked like it was going to be the year that the Raptors would beat the Cavs, but Lebron swept them. Dwane Casey failed to make adjustments during the series which ultimately lead to him being fired after the season. Dwane Casey and the Raptors had an amazing regular season which is why Casey has been nominated, but the embarrassing loss in the playoffs is why I don’t think he should win the award.

Nothing should be taken away from what an amazing job the three nominated coaches did, but I believe that Quin Snyder had the biggest impact on his team.