More than just an album. BTS Love Yourself Tear album review.

Guadalupe Angeles, Writer ; Photographer ; Layout

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Last year BTS was the first K-pop group to win a Billboard award. They made history by breaking Justin Bieber’s consecutive wins for the Top Social Artist award, and this year they didn’t just win again, but performed their debut song from their new album “Love Yourself Tear.”

“Love Yourself Tear” was released on May 18th; it is their 3rd Album, and it is part of the “Love Yourself” theme which so far consists of the albums, “L.Y. Her” and “L.Y. Tear.” Their fans, ARMY, have predicted that the next mini album is going to be called “L.Y. Answer.”

Something cute about this project is that the albums come in four versions, each containing different photo shoots and themes. “L.Y Her” has versions, L, O, V and E; “L.Y. Tear” has versions Y, O, U and R; this means that their next album will have versions S, E, L and F. When you put all the versions together it will spell out LOVE YOURSELF, how adorable right? That alone just makes me want to buy all the versions.

Locally, Target sells the albums, but no other store has them around this area. Or you can also buy it online, but I recommend Target because they albums come from Korea so save yourself 30 dollars from shipping.

“Love Yourself Tear” consists of 11 songs: Singularity, Fake Love, 전하지 못한 진심 (ft. Steve Aoki), 134340, 낙원, Love Maze, Magic Shop, Airplane pt. 2, Anpanman, So What and Tear.

There was no song on the album that I didn’t like; I truly enjoyed them all. We do see the rap line hitting some vocals and some different beats. 134340 is very unique in its up high beat, it calms you, but it also wants to make you dance.

I do not want to pick a favorite because, to be honest, I do not know which one to pick, but I really find myself repeating ” 전하지 못한 진심” ( The Truth Untold). I always fall for the slow piano songs.

“Airplane pt. 2,” contains some lyrics from Airplane. Airplane comes from J-Hope, rapper and main dancer from BTS, mixtape Hope World. Both very good.

I did notice that “So What” has some EDM in it, which took me by surprise, considering that the theme of this album is dark.

Let me explain, “LY” is about loving who you are or love in general. In “LY Her” the lyrics revolve in the good side of love, while “LY Tear” talks about the other side of it the “dark” side. We were warned by the boys that the lyrics from this album were going to be sad. I haven’t checked them out because I’m afraid, but will eventually.

Tear!!!! Rap line never disappoints, when I first heard this song I said: “This sounds familiar.” It took me a couple of seconds to realize that they have used some of the notes from “The Highlight Reel” (video by BTS). The song starts very sad and soft, then builds up with the rap.

As mentioned above, this is part of a project called “Love Myself.” The “Love Myself” project is a collaboration with UNICEF, this campaign sponsors the #Endviolence, which helps kids all around the world live in health and love. When you buy an album, 3% of the money goes towards the campaign.

If you want to know more about this project and ways you can donate check out the website