Senior Advice to freshman

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Casey Kuhn
“Be active in sports and clubs to keep yourself out of trouble.”

Mckenzee Marcum
“Take all your hard classes first, so you can chill senior year.”

Marco Tapia
“Don’t make spam insta accounts, your parents can still find them.”

Cierra Sena
“Don’t take selfies as a freshman, they will come back to haunt you later.”

Jonathan Martinez
“It will be challenging and you will fall short at times, but stay dedicated to school and clubs.”

Joe Avila
“Make friends with the upperclassmen because they will show you the ropes. Shout out to Colton Blume.”

Bladimir Nunez
“Make money to buy a car and get a license at 16– you will have so much more fun if you do.”

Nick Houchin
“When you are a senior, call teachers by their first names, isn’t that right, Mark?”

Katrina Snyder
“Don’t sit in your car until 7:40, because you will never make it to class.”

Noah Farias
“Do not procrastinate because all-nighters are terrible.”

Rachel Russell
“Everything counts because I only got accepted to Sonoma.”

Julia Boersma
“Get involved and take Ag classes.”

Eric Sahagen
“Don’t make liberal students angry.”

Katie Garland
“Make friends with the attendance ladies, so you can not have any tardies.”