The Aquatic Adventure Of A Lifetime

Dylan Collins

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Subnautica is an adventure, survival, horror game that was initially released on January 23, 2018 by the developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment and designer Charlie Cleveland. The game is centered around a interstellar crash on an alien planet. Planet 4546B is almost entirely covered in water with the exception of a couple of islands. The island contains a high level of biodiversity and alien flora and fauna.

The game is played in first person and has different game play modes survival, freedom, hardcore, and creative. Survival has an oxygen, health, hunger, and thirst to worry about, all the necessities for life. Freedom has only oxygen and health to worry about. Hardcore has, in addition to oxygen, health, hunger, and thirst, no oxygen alerts and the player only has one life, this adds an extra layer of suspense and difficulty to the game. But, if that’s not your style the game also has a creative mode where you can build anything you want with no constrictions and oxygen, health, hunger and thirst are all disabled.

Subnautica is available on Xbox One, Windows, and Macintosh operating systems and can be purchased on the Microsoft store, and steam. The current price is $24.99 on steam and $19.99 on the Microsoft store. Do look out for deals because games on steam frequently go on sale.

The game has pretty good graphics the water and landscapes as well as the sky above water is all very beautiful. The game has a semi realistic art style with some cartoon like aspects.

The game includes three different submersibles in the current game version. The prawn suit is a submersible mechanical suit that will protect you from wildlife and assist in harvesting larger mineral deposits. The Seamoth is a small submarine that can be upgraded and customized to the player’s liking. It can dock in the Moonpool base attachment and in the cyclops submarine. The cyclops is a large mobile base that has lots of room for storage and anything else that you might want to put in it. As mentioned before it also has a dock for the Seamoth.

The game has a habitat building mechanic that allows players to build large custom bases with specialized rooms like the before mentioned Moonpool room that houses the Seamoth and the newly added scanner room that changes resource hunting from a Easter egg hunt into a walk in the park.

Blueprints are required to build and craft almost all of the devices, tools, rooms and submersibles in the game. To find the blueprints the player must go out into the environment to find different crash sites. The sites have various different fragments to scan. This fragment hunt is one of the key factors in progressing in the game.

During my time playing this game I had a lot of fun I would rate it a 8 out of ten because this is by no means the best game out there but is still entertaining enough. I’d say that this game is well worth it for the price. I’ve seen so many games out there that are over double the price of this game that are not nearly as fun to play as Subnautica.

If you find yourself wondering what to do next my advice to you is to explore. Go out and find new biomes, collect resources, and scan fragments. When you get back to base you should have plenty of things to do or at least a goal in mind. Good luck!