Gag Order is placed on Tianna Arta’s Case

Ray Bardo, staff writer

October 27, 2020

The Black Lives Matter movement held by Tianna Arta on July 21, 2020, in San Luis Obispo County has turned into her worst nightmare.   According to KSBY, Arta is facing “13 misdemeanor charges that include six counts of ob...

New Nipomo Park Basketball courts, Oct, 19,2020

Room For Everyone

October 27, 2020

These were Family Pictures the Watts took, in this picture includes Celeste,Bella, and Shannan Watts the three murdered Alongside what they believed was their Loving and caring Dad and Husband that committed the murders.

The Family Next Door

October 27, 2020

Miami vs. Lakers: Who really deserved the championship?

Rudy Garibay, staff writer

October 27, 2020

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat had a long and hard-fought series. The Lakers finished as the NBA Champions, but did they deserve it?   Lakers haven't won a championship for 10 years; some people believed it was j...

NHS Cheer Practice Starts

Isabella Sparks, staff writer

October 22, 2020

NHS is starting restricted athletic practices for fall and winter sports. This pleases the athletes and the two Cheer couches, Jessica Leek and Jennifer Hamby. Leek explained the practice restrictions: “I have to break my teams u...

Hillside next to freeway exit to Avila Beach where a fire happened earlier this year. Luckily, no structures were damaged.

California Still Burning

October 21, 2020