High School: A Final Reflection

Katie Padden, Opinions Editor

May 28, 2019

Not one of us has made it through this high school experience alone. We have had the assistance and love of scores and scores of mentors and peers. We have pushed ourselves through slumps, studied through the night, and fallen a...

Being a Hypebeast

Luis Avila, Writer

May 23, 2019

Over the past couple of years, streetwear brands such as Supreme, Palace, and Off-White has been on the rise. These companies set their clothes at an outrageous price, and “drop,” or release, a certain amount of unique st...

Year of the Vegan

Claire Gretlein, Arts & Entertainment Editor

May 21, 2019

According to the Economist “2019 will be the year of the vegan.” Vegans have always been a very minority, even within the minority of people that don’t meat. Cutting out all animals products within your life is a big dec...

Do Video Games Relieve Stress?

Julian Silva, Writer

May 21, 2019

Do video games relieve stress? Yes video games do relieve stress because while you're playing the video game, your only focus is the game, so nothing else is on your mind. People may think video games make you more violent, ...

Depression and Mental Health

Kate Compton, Writer

May 20, 2019

Mental health is something that affects the life of everyone. Mental health is a level of psychological well-being or an absence of mental illness-the state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional an...

Sleep or Something?

Sleep or Something?

May 13, 2019

Ways to be Healthy

Alexis Perales, Writer

April 15, 2019

In the age of technology, it’s hard to get in daily exercise, especially when when teens have a number of things distracting them. Why go work out when you have everything you want at the touch of your fingertips? Phones may b...

Practicing Healthy and Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

Vanessa Cantu, Writer

April 15, 2019

According to The Good Therapy Blog, “Coping mechanisms are the strategies people often use in the face of stress and/or trauma to help manage painful or difficult emotions. Coping mechanisms can help people adjust to stressful...

Crystal Healing for the Mind and Body

Claire Gretlein, Arts & Entertainment Editor

April 2, 2019

It’s 2019, and the rise of alternative medicine is skyrocketing. In most towns you will probably stumble upon a crystal shop, a massage therapy studio, or an herbal apothecary. Healing that uses Eastern earth medicine is gaining p...

E-Cigarettes are Detrimental to Our Youth

Garrett Sellers, Features Editor, Paper Layout

March 27, 2019

E-cigarettes are devices that include vape mods, JUULs, and vape pens. All these products contain an E-liquid that has nicotine, an addictive drug naturally found in tobacco products. Nicotine in cigarettes makes smoking so a...

Caring About Our Planet

Fabiola Vazquez

January 25, 2019

Even though it’s a common topic today, sometimes we try to avoid thinking of the impact that humanity is taking upon earth. The thing is, we are actually killing our home and worst, ourselves. At Nipomo High School,...