2018-2019 Staff

Luis Avila


Luis is an outgoing, hardworking senior at Nipomo High School. Luis was very involved in FFA, doing option Career Development Events such as Opening and Closing ceremonies, Parliamentary Procedure, the FFA Creed recitation,...

Jordan Cramer

Paper Layout

Jordan Cramer is a senior at NHS, and is involved through his accomplishments in Water Polo, as the goalie, and Swim and Dive. He likes to hang out with his friends outside of school, and is almost always at either the movies...

Fabiola Vazquez


Faby is a 17 year old senior at Nipomo High School. She's proud of being Mexican, and she loves reading. She's a quote lover and she thinks writing is the best way to deal with and express your feelings.  Her mom waite...

Garrett Sellers

Features Editor, Paper Layout

Garrett Sellers is a senior at Nipomo High School and has lived in Nipomo for all 17 years of his life in the same house with his family. He was a very shy and quiet kid growing up, but has come out of his shell. He is now the capta...

Benedict Casias


Benedict Casias is a writer of the NHS Newspaper staff. His nickname is Benny and he enjoys playing sports like Football and Basketball. Benny enjoys writing about world news and technology.

Grace Padden

Editor in Chief

Grace Padden is a senior at Nipomo High School. She loves the smell of old books, the taste of dark chocolate, the sight of full notebooks, and listening to rain fall. She dreams of canoeing in Oregon, cooking in Italy, and owning...

Katie Padden

Opinions Editor

Katie Padden can be spotted in any of three positions: poring over a history book, eating Italian food, or feeding her Disney addiction. She hopes to attend Cal Poly as an engineering major, minoring in the arts and history--becaus...

Alexis Perales


Alexis is a senior at Nipomo High School who goes by the name Lexie. Her passions include reading, writing, and watching compilations of vines with funny titles on YouTube. She only loves two things in her life and that includes...

Vanessa Cantu


Vanessa is a honest and fun gal who has a passion for reading. Had an award in being a professional procrastinator. Loves to spread love and happiness in places of sadness and hate.

Cameron Avila


Cameron is a senior and is involved with FFA, Cross Country, and Track and Field. And he will soon beat the school record for hurdles. He also enjoys playing video games, hanging out with friends, and he is always listening to m...

Claire Gretlein

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Claire Gretlein is a collector of many trinkets; rocks, old novels, and dusty sheet music are some of her most loved possessions. In her free time she enjoys storytelling through her characters in musicals and plays. Claire also...

Kate Compton


Kate Compton is a 17 year old senior at Nipomo high school. Kate hopes to work in veterinary healthcare sales and artificially inseminate racehorses or dairy cattle. If your ever trying to find her just look for her horse.

Kenny Wallravin

Sports/ Activities Editor

Kenny is an outgoing person once you get to know him. He used to play basketball and football, but now he just rides dirt-bikes when he can with friends. He can tell some good jokes to his friends and they’re usually roasting joke...

Kurtis Newton


Kurtis “My Name is Kurtis” Newton  is a current Senior at Nipomo High, and follows the slogan Abes Lincoln once said, “drop it like it's hot, but only on Tuesday.” Kurtis’ favorite hobbies range from collecting Disney...

Thomas Apel


Thomas Apel is a senior at Nipomo High School. Aside from newspaper, Thomas’s favorite extracurriculars include the school’s dance company, music department, theater company, and improv team. When he is not trying to catch...

Dylan Collins


Dylan is a handsome young man that stands 5 feet 10 inches and weighs about 160lbs. He has an appreciation for the arts and is an absolute computer nerd. He is a quirky guy who likes cars, video games, and respecting women. Sometimes...